Providing direct access to the private marketplace.

Investments in private offerings are often restricted to company insiders, institutional investors, and ultra-wealthy individuals who have unique access.

Cresset was built to change this standard, providing clients with direct access to the private marketplace. Contact us to explore current private investment opportunities.

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Our Story

Cresset focuses on providing direct access to private investment opportunities in private companies, real estate and sponsor products.

We specialize in building outstanding, lasting partnerships by investing permanent capital, resources and expertise to create sustainable value.

We believe that long-term investing creates better alignment and reduces risk and inefficiencies, leading to better outcomes for all shareholders.

Built for You

At Cresset, we truly have our clients’ best interests at heart.

We act quickly and innovatively for our clients to offer the best possible wealth management solutions. We truly believe that clients deserve better.

  • Improved Transparency

    Investors have the opportunity to invest in individual opportunities they and their advisors believe are attractive and suitable for their goals.

  • Long-Term Holding Periods

    Cresset Partners targets stable, long-term investments.

  • Expanded Access to Opportunities

    Cresset targets off-market, complex transactions with high barriers to entry. Cresset also relies on its broad network to source deal flow.

  • Structures Tailored to Individual Investors

    Investments can be offered with key aspects in mind including fee structures, diversification, J-Curve, and interim liquidity.

Private investing is in our DNA.

We believe in giving our clients the access they deserve.

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